Better visibility means better interaction that will create more business for you

Gowell content management services is established as a complement to our point of sales business. Through our Content Management Group, we help you integrate your hardware, software and your business. In the Digital Signage Solutions, we can create and manage your eye catching contents for the right audience and enhance the visibility of your products and thus improves the interaction between your business and customers.

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Content Management Provider Applications

Depending on your business, we can provide different display systems and the most suitable applications to fulfill your needs. Automated Scheduling & Broadcasting for multiple outlets help your business to display information in a massive and convincing way.



Medical Retail

Meeting Transportation

Promote Your Brand, Reach Your Audience Interactive Communication Display ICD
Why not allow your audience interact with you through our ICD services. This will allow you to learn more about their needs and can help you align your marketing strategies accurately.
Surveillance and Analytics Service Content Management Services
As part of our Broadcasting Service, it is great interest to know the effectiveness of your displayed content by having our analytics report, Information such as how many viewers and the peak view times are essential information for you to have in order to visually communicate your products to the market.
We also provide Broadcasting Services for your multiple displays at various sites. Depending on infrastructure, these services may be done remotely or on site.