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As early as 1965, intimus® presented its first shredder: the legendary "electric waste paper bin" intimus® simplex - over one million in use to date. The choice of the brand name intimus® - synonymous with a closely trusted friend - has always been an incentive to provide excellent solutions for perfect information security. And we have always succeeded in this. Over 100 patents and registered property rights underline the wealth of ideas and innovations with which intimus® data shredders have continually been made more convenient and powerful. Today we offer our customers worldwide solutions for information assurance and waste management. The modern working world is no longer imaginable without products from our company, being synonymous with practical, high-performance, reliable solutions.

The user in his or her working environment is always at the centre of our development plans. Today our products therefore do not just shred all traditional data carriers, from note paper to thick EDP lists and complete binders including the metal clip mechanism but also modern storage media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and complete hard drives securely and consistently. And all this for a wide range of applications and security levels, from the home office to the traditional office and high performance systems with capacities of up to 2 tonnes per hour.

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Solid state memories such as hard drives containing sensitive information poses no problem to our security shredders when it comes to proper and secure disposal.

Waste Management

With tighter environmental standards dictating how we dispose our business waste, lntimus provides a safe and environmentally sound process to support the efforts of waste management.