The ECOSYS concept contributes to ecology and economy

All companies must struggle to balance ecological concerns while trying to minimize running costs so as to guarantee economic viability, all the while ensuring that their document management system offers adequate network functionality. The solution to these three issues is KYOCERA Document Solutions' unique ECOSYS concept. We strive to ensure that our products are economic to run by selecting durable materials that do not require frequent replacement when manufacturing main units and replaceable parts.

We implement life cycle assessments (LCA) that analyze environmental impact by providing a quantitative understanding of the resources, energy, and waste consumed or produced over the course of the life cycle of a product or service every step of the way from resource extraction, manufacturing, and transport to use, disposal, and recycling. We use this understanding to minimize environmental impact at every stage from product development to disposal. What's more, we also make significant contributions to improving operational efficiency by ensuring that our products integrate seamlessly with network systems.

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